What is CBT?

What is CBT?

CBT, or cognitive behavioural therapy, is a common form of evidence-based psychotherapy used to treat mild to moderate anxiety and depression, as well as other specific problems. It is practical, structured and short-term (usually several weeks). It focuses on the thoughts, attitudes and beliefs related to your problematic emotional and behavioural reactions. You will learn life-long skills and strategies that you can use to master and manage your own life.

CBT is a collaborative effort between you and the therapist. Yes, in fact there is “homework”. In order to maximize the benefits, you need to put in effort outside of sessions as well!

How can CBT help you?

Here are two examples (among many others) of how CBT can help:

Example 1: Healthy Anxiety

You worry a lot about your health and have fears about getting sick. You’re concerned that you might have gotten one or more diseases. As a result, you feel like you have to visit your health care provider (doctor, nurse practitioner) very often, maybe to get your temperature checked or to monitor your body for pains, bruises, marks, etc.

CBT helps you understand how anxiety can impact and lead to physical symptoms. The program teaches you how to challenge the negative thoughts which can increase and prolong your anxiety and physical symptoms.

Example 2: Social Anxiety

You feel embarrassed in social situations/interactions and worry excessively about what other people think about you. This causes a lot of anxiety and nervousness. You also get physical symptoms like a fast heartbeat, sweating, blushing, and breathlessness in these situations.

CBT helps you understand how your thoughts have an impact on these physical symptoms, as well as where these fears might originate from. CBT also provides you with a safe space to learn and practice social skills which can improve your confidence.

Mental Health Support

EKNPLC has a social worker who can connect you with mental health supports that match your needs. Find out if OSP (Ontario Structured Psychotherapy, a free program that offers CBT and other evidence-based approaches) is a good fit for you.

Learn more about our Social Worker Services.

More Resources

Watch this four minute video that further discusses how CBT works and hear from some people who benefited from CBT:

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