Q: How do I become a patient?
A: Simply contact our clinic to see if we are a right fit for you and to arrange an appointment. The Emery-Keelesdale Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic (EKNPLC) only accepts Toronto residents who do not currently have a regular healthcare provider.

Q: Will I have the same Nurse Practitioner for my visits?
A: When you become a patient at the clinic, you will be assigned to a Nurse Practitioner who will continue to see you for future visits. Occasionally, you may see a different Nurse Practitioner if your appointment was booked on the same day.

Q: Who is part of the EKNPLC team?
A: The EKNPLC has a multi-disciplinary model of care. Our interprofessional team includes Nurse Practitioners, consulting Physicians, a Social Worker, a Dietitian, Pharmacists, a Registered Practical Nurse, a health promoter and administrative support staff. The team works together to provide quality primary health care to our patients.

Q: Is the EKNPLC a walk-in clinic?
A: No. The EKNPLC does not offer walk-in services. You must be a patient of the clinic and book an appointment to be seen.

Q: Do you have any appointments after hours?
A: Yes. Our clinic offers extended hours to 8:00pm every Tuesday and Thursday in order to accommodate those patients with less flexible schedules.